Everything started in 1995 when Folie MP Ltd as legal predecessor of Baltwood Ltd was founded. Main steps in formation of Baltwood Group: 

  • 1995, Folie MP Ltd was founded and investments into forest lands were launched
  • In 2002 company started to process timber instead of raw material sales, nowadays this activity is handled by our group member MP & Puitmester Ltd.
  • In 2005 timber transportation services were launched and base for AT Transwood OÜ was laid.
  • In 2007 Folie MP acquired AS Tarmets and timber harvesting services were available since then.
  • In 2014 the restructuring was made in result of what there are 4 companies with 120 employees in Baltwood Ltd group
  • Raieõiguste ost, metsamterjali ost